With the holidays keeping everyone busy a few very neat products were released that may have flown under your radar.  While some of these are tailored more towards people aiming to break records in the R35 world, some of them are aimed at lightly modified daily drivers! 

 One of the most anticipated performance products of 2017 is the new Injector Dynamics 1050x. Injector Dynamics has been hard at work on their most recent custom injector made in partnership with Bosch Motorsport, and the time has finally come for public release!  The 1050x has a huge operating pressure range and incredible low pulse-width behavior.  There simply is not a better injector on the market for your standard bolt-on GT-R, or if you are looking for a great primary fuel injector option on a staged injection car.

Another innovative product that a great deal of GT-R owners can take advantage of is our newly released 4-bar to 5-bar harness.  There are definite advantage to running aftermarket pressure sensors for both boost and fuel pressures, and this high quality harness makes the wiring a breeze. The 4-bar side plugs directly into your stock R35 map sensor connector and the opposite connector fits most aftermarket pressure sensors. 

Who doesn’t love billet aluminum car parts?! 2016 seemed like the year of billet everything for the R35, and we were the first to bring you a billet rear diff cover for the R35!  While it may look good enough to display in your living room, we do recommend actually installing it on your GT-R. The upgraded unit provides a considerable increase in strength over the stock unit, which has the tendency to flex and cause premature differential failure.

The R35 GT-R is an engineering masterpiece and the stock ignition system as a whole is extremely impressive, easily supporting 1,600whp+ in most situations.  As we approached and blew past the 2,000whp area the need for ignition system upgrades became necessary.  We released our GT1R CDI Ignition kit towards the end of 2016 and its already found its way onto the fastest R35’s in the world! 

When it comes to automotive wiring there are those that do it, there are those that do it well, and then there is Racespec. These guys are true artists of their craft and were the only option considered when building a full custom engine harness for our shop car.  While this harness certainly isn’t going to be found on the majority of R35’s, you will know the second you see one! With a handful currently being built for customers around the world we are certain they will become a staple among elite GT-R’s!

For more in depth information or purchasing options on any of these products, please see the links below:

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  • GT1R CNC Rear Diff Cover
  • GT1R CDI Ignition Kit
  • GT1R M1 Wire Harness