First and foremost, huge thanks for Eric, Parin, Arne, Brian, and everyone who helped organize this event. It was a seriously unique and well run event.

(All images below courtesy of Brent Baxter Photography. If you were at the race he probably has some badass shots of your car, check out his Facebook page Brent Baxter Photography

We had our hands full getting ready for this race as we found out fairly late we would be bringing not only Tony and Viren's cars, but a few additional cars as well. We recently finished up a Series 4 car (Mitch) that is using a pair of FP Reds and would be competing in the stock manifold class, with literally no test passes to date. Hickey was driving down from Tennessee to compete in the stock location class, and Shep was also going to be joining the party in the same class. Needless to say, between five Motec cars Tony had his hands full! The week of the race we got the shop car running with the new billet block and unfortunately a new head gasket design we were testing was leading to some coolant pressure issues. So we yanked it out Tuesday night, put the heads back on his backup engine, and had the car done on the dyno Wednesday morning around 3AM. This is the same engine that has been in Tony's car since TX2K16.

Right off the trailer we saw very promising runs from Hickey (7.88 @ 177), Shep (8.02 @ 173), and Mitch (8.86 @ 154).

Tony's car had a bad first run and then unfortunately broke the crank during second round of qualifying later that night.  Can't really complain with the number of hits that engine had on it!

We have been fighting some odd trans/clutch issues with Viren's car since we finished it and his didn't really make a clean pass until later Saturday.

On the second pass Shep's car exploded a coupler that ended up putting him down for the weekend. Luckily he won the Rolex and his products performed great all  weekend for everyone using them!

Hickey continued to run great all weekend and lost to Boostin Performance in the finals of the stock location class, on the way to setting his new PB of 7.811 @ 182. He ran a total of NINE passes all weekend, and with the exception of one run that an intercooler pipe came loose, didn't run slower than an 8.0. His car is still full weight, stock seats, AC, etc. Crazy consistent!

Mitch moved on to the finals of the stock manifold class where he lost to the TSM Elite car.  This car honestly blew me away. It made five total passes, again fresh off a new build and on 17-inch slicks, and they went as follows: 8.86, 8.71, 8.64, 8.51, 8.49. 

With Tony's car breaking, Viren lined up with Gidi in the final of the Unlimited class. The car FINALLY made a decent pass and laid down a 7.88 @ 183.  Hopefully we have made some progress towards getting this car lined out so we can have some competition at 2K in a few weeks!