New Injector Dynamics Subaru WRX Injector Adapter

In our constant effort for improvement, the Subaru WRX injector fitment has been updated with our new lower injector adapters.  The factory injectors seal in the injector bores with a square o-ring and the compressive force from fuel pressure pushing on the face of the o-ring.  

Our new lower adapters allow for more connector clearance when using the 34mm injector bodies (ID850, ID1300, ID1700, and ID2000) and convert the sealing over to a more reliable o-ring bore seal.  The new adapters feature an o-ring on the outside to seal in the factory 16mm bore, and the injectors seal on the inside of the adapter using a typical 14mm o-ring.  

All Injector Dynamics Subaru WRX fitments (except our side feed to top feed conversion kits) are now shipping with the new adapters.  These adapters also apply to the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S fitments.