Pikes Peak Racing Sets US 1-Mile Record!

Our long time customer Rob Brooks of Pikes Peak Racing took delivery of his most recent GT1R Series 7 build, and promptly put the car through its paces.  This round of modifications consisted of a new 4.1L T1 Spec aluminum rod engine, T1 modified ETS top mount turbo kit, Magnus dry sump oil system, and Shep stage 5 transmission, along with various other supporting components.  On the dyno it laid down a very respectable 1,700whp!

On the day of delivery he personally piloted the car to an 8.20 at 176mph ¼ mile in the Texas summer heat! With his eyes on a bigger prize he loaded up the car and towed it back home Colorado where the Colorado Mile was taking place the following weekend.

At the Mile race Rob wanted the US record and he wasn’t planning on leaving until it was his. Rob’s enthusiasm for racing and pushing the limits is part of what makes him such an awesome member of our family, and he didn’t let us down! After several 220-230mph run he was ready to go all in and absolutely destroyed the current record of 235mph. At 246mph everyone was thrilled and Rob had done just what he wanted, the same week he had picked the car up!



We have some seriously high hopes for this car, Rob, and the entire Pikes Peak staff, so stay tuned and we will keep everyone in the loop as the records continue to fall!