Every year in Houston, TX there is a gathering of some of the baddest street and race cars in the country, for an event called TX2K.  This year marks the 16th annual event and it didn’t disappoint.   The four day event gave racers two days of Roll Racing and two days of Drag Racing, and four days of fun.  The T1 Race family showed up in force! 

 The first event was the Roll Race, where you have two cars pacing each other at 60-65mph, and race for approx. 1,500 feet, first to the finish line wins.    For qualifying in the Roll Race, each racer makes single passes, focusing on start speed and leaving at a predetermined start flag.  The qualifying ladder is based by trap speed.  The top qualifier was Mullet in his UGR Gallardo, with over 2000hp pushing it to a 202mph trap speed.   Our own Ben Haynes wasn’t far behind and ended up in the second spot in his GT1R Series 6 build with a 198mph trap speed.  

The slowest car in the Unlimited Class was a 176mph car, which shows how strong the field really was.   Ben worked his way through the ladder, running consistent 195-199mph passes and landed himself in the finals, facing the man himself, Mullet.  

 Now we mentioned earlier that the race is about who gets to the finish line first, but the qualifying is about who has the highest trap speed.   Trap speed is a good indicator of horsepower at the top of the track.   ET is a good indicator of traction and average power.  While many of the GTRs don’t make the horsepower of the bigger twin turbo V10 Lambo builds, they do make very good use of the power they have.   In the finals Ben was able to hold off Mullet and take the win, in a great race that ended with less than a car length at the finish line!  It was a good day for the GTR in the never ending Lambo vs GTR battle.   Hats off to Mullet, he took the loss like a champ and came and shook Ben’s hand like the gentleman that he is. 

Saturday morning was the start to the drag racing, which all of the T1 Race family was very excited about.  We had a lot to show, with a few cars that hadn’t seen the track in their current configuration, hoping for new personal bests across the board. 

 Dan brought out his daily-driven GT1R Series 3.5 build to see how it would fare on drag radials.   Coming into the event his best time was a 9.7 on 20” Michelin tires.  As the weekend progressed and we got things dialed in, he got quicker and quicker, ending with a 9.0 pass and a new personal best by a long shot!

Tony Pasek also brought out his time capsule GT1R Series 3.5 build.  Unlike Dan, Tony has a lot of track time on his with drag radials, and it runs 9.1, every time, every track.  Every freaking time for the better part of two years.   Until this race.  With the good air we had and the excellent track prep by the TX2K and Houston Raceway Park crew, Tony finally got his 8, with an 8.99 and a solid second place finish in the GTR Class 2!

Moving up to GTR Class 3, we had Tuan hold the torch in his GT1R Series 5 build, fresh with a new Motec M1 upgrade and no track time.   Much like Tony, Tuan has battled the 9.0-9.1 monkey for a long time now, getting oh so close to that 8 second pass.  Not this weekend though, Tuan knocked that 8 out twice in a row with his first two passes being 8.9’s.   With a little tweaking on the ECU over the weekend we were able to get him an 8.6 and the GTR Class 3 win!

Ben was our man for GTR Class 4, with a strong 8.0 pass on his first hit.  Unfortunately his 2nd gear had had enough and cut his weekend a little short.  Guess you can’t get too mad about a gear giving up with over 1650whp and 4100lbs to drag around; it did well in it’s few years of duty.   “That’s racing.”

We didn’t race the roll race in the T1 shop GTR as we were saving it for the drag race event.  Coming off a recent 2nd place finish and GTR record pass (210mph) at the Texas Invitational, and a recent new half mile GTR record at 235.6mph, our sites were set on the drag record.  

 Previous to the TX2K16 event the US quarter mile record was 7.48 at 192.9mph held by AMS Performance in Alpha Omega.  The current world record for the GTR is 7.20 at 202mph held by our race partners in Bahrain, EKanoo Racing.

The first test hit with our new combo was Friday night, with a solid 8.0 at 181mph.  All worked and that gave us lot of data to sort through for Saturday.   Saturday morning we made our first hit after loading the new ECU calibration and it worked,  7.43 at 196mph, new US record on the second pass of the car.   Digging through the data was exciting, because it wasn’t anywhere near all in!  We continued to chop away at that over the weekend, with a 7.41 at 204mph, and a 7.38 at 196mph, winning GTR Class 5 and posting the quickest and fastest times for the entire event.   More to come as we continue to figure out what the beast wants, with our aim set on the world record.

To say it was a great weekend for the T1 Race family would be an understatement.   With personal bests, wins, records, and a great time for everyone, you can be sure you’ll see us all back at it again next year!

 Thank you all for your support and kind words.  We met a ton of great people at the event and I don’t think there was a time where someone wasn’t coming by telling us how much they enjoyed watching our cars run and getting to see them up close and personal.   It means a lot to us and we’re glad we’re able to put on a good show.  This is a passion we all share, and coming to events like TX2K and meeting people with the same passion is what it’s all about.