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GT1R CDI Ignition Kit

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GT1R CDI Ignition Kit

The core of the system is the M&W Pro Drag 500 CDI ignition box.  This is the strongest and most reliable multi channel CDI on the market, supplying 320mJ in low power mode and 500mJ in high power mode.   Due to the fact that there is not a non resistor type spark plug available for the GTR, we use and recommend using this system in 320mJ mode, as it's more than enough spark for 450+hp per cylinder on methanol, and will not hurt the spark plugs. 

We supply a CDI mount that is intended to be welded to the lower subframe removeable cross brace.   The CDI boxes mount to the brace with the supplied rubber vibration insulators. 



We paired the CDI with six of M&W's CDI ignition coils.  The coils mount on an aluminum base, which mounts to the lower subframe (under the bellhousing) with rubber vibration isolators.   Mounts for the coil bracket will need to be welded to the subframe, which can easily be done with the subframe on the chassis, install is very easy. 



We went to Magnecor for custom spark plug wires.  The wires are pre made to the correct lengths for this application, and we include plug boot hold downs that attach to the factory coil bolt down holes in the valve cover.  


Lastly, high quality wiring is required for this amount of spark energy and like the rest of the kit, we used one of the best in the business.  Race Spec builds all of our wire harnesses and the CDI harness is no different.   


Not included in the kit is spark plugs, which we recommend the NGK race plugs. 


VR38 NGK Race Plug

**Note, this is a very high power CDI system and is intended for competition use.   This kit is not acceptable to use on a street car, as the 500mJ CDI boxes are max effort pieces, and acceptable for use in racing situations only.   Drag racing, half mile, mile racing, etc are all fine, but you don't want to go on an hour long cruise as the CDI has the potential to overheat.   If you would like a system that's ok for use on a street car, please contact us and we can build a similar system with a 125/250mJ switchable box. 

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