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GT1R Coolant Pressure Sensor Kit

The GT1R Coolant Pressure Sensor Kit includes everything you need to easily add a coolant pressure sensor to the engine and engine management system.

Monitoring coolant pressure is hard on sensors, due to the heat and pulsations they see. For this application, we opt for a very high quality sensor from Race Spec, which is manufactured to their spec in the UK.

The kit includes the Race Spec 10bar gauge pressure sensor (Racespec 150g Info), a -3AN hose that runs from the sensor mounting location on the intake manifold to the upper radiator hose neck, where an 1/8" NPT fitting is installed by drilling and tapping the neck.   The sensor is secured to the mounting plate with an adel clamp.   By doing it this way, versus mounting the sensor directly in the upper radiator neck, vibration to the sensor is significantly minimized, greatly increasing reliability and sensor life.  A mating connector for the sensor is also included.  

If you wish to run this kit using either of your factory pre-throttle MAP sensor connectors, our GT1R 4 Bar to 5 Bar Harness will make this plug and play.  

(Above pictured sensor is from an older kit, Racespec sensor pictured below)

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