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GT1R V3 Fuel Rails

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GT1R V3 Fuel Rails

While Injector Dynamics fuel injectors are always our go to, eventually you get to a point when running methanol that you simply can't pile enough of them on there. And when you do, we've still got you covered.

In our big power methanol applications we run a set of ID1700x primaries and a set of Shane T Spec Billet Atomizer 700lb injectors as secondaries.

One problem here is that the 700lb injectors are too long to sit in the typical secondary location (due to hood clearance if the rail is moved up), and also too long to fit in the primary location with the fuel rails on the market. The factory injectors are a 48mm length, and the ST Spec 700lb injectors are 60mm in length.

Our GT1R V3 fuel rails take care of this, as they're designed to fit the longer injectors, making this a mostly PNP situation. The cylinder heads need to be very very slightly clearanced for the large diameter body of the injector, but otherwise this is a PNP install, after our modifications to the ST injectors.

The GT1R V3 fuel rails include (2) rails and mounting hardware with phenolic spacers to minimize heat transfer from the cylinder heads to the fuel. The rails are -6 ORB female inlet and outlet.

This combo has been proven on 7 of the 10 quickest AWD cars in the world, and will support more than 2500whp on methanol, when combined with an appropriately sized mechanical fuel pump (like the GT1R kit).

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