ETS R35 4.0″ Exhaust, stainless steel

The ETS GT-R 4.0″ Stainless Steel Exhaust System WITH Y-Pipe is the largest and highest flowing exhaust system on the market.  This exhaust has zero restrictions starting with a 4.0″ mid pipe which routes into a full 4.0″ cat back exhaust system and features a true 4.0″ merge collector which routes into 4.0″ mufflers and from the mufflers we use a 4.0″ merge collector that routes into dual 3.0″ mandrel bends for the exhaust tips and finish the exhaust system with polished stainless tips which will never flake like some of the chrome coated exhausts on the market.

Full Stainless Steel
Direct bolt on to factory Y-Pipe.
True 4.0″ merge collector into dual 4.0″ mufflers.
True 4.0″ to 3.0″ Merge collector from muffler to exhaust tips.
Stainless Steel Tips (not chrome /  will not rust)
Largest GT-R exhaust system on the market.
Fully built in house.

3.0″ – 4.0″ Y-Pipe
4.0″ Mid-Pipe
4.0″ Catback
All Clamps and Hardware Needed For Install




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