GT1R Motec C127 PNP Kit – Race Version

The GT1R MoTeC C127 PNP Kit brings the interior look and feel to the level of current generation supercars.




The 7” ultra bright screen is vibrant and anti-reflective, making it easy to view in direct sunlight. Numerous selectable layouts are supplied with configurable channels, labels, and color schemes.

With a MoTec ECU, we’re able to display many things that the driver couldn’t see without a laptop. Fuel pressure, lambda, coolant pressure, any additional non OE sensors, lap times, etc. There are literally hundreds of channels you can display for the driver. With three complete screens, and scrollable bottom lines, you can put a ton of information at the driver’s fingertips. With a stock ECU you’re very limited in comparison, but all of the normal channels you need to make a functional instrument cluster are available.

Another huge advantage (with a MoTeC) is the ability to display messages for diagnostics, instead of just a check engine light coming on. With a check engine light the driver has no actual indicator of what the problem is. On the C127 we are able to relay a message in text across the bottom of the screen indicating what is triggering the fault.

The C127 also features 16 full color LEDs integrated into the unit for use as shift points, warning lights, or other driver alerts. The color, function, and intensity of each LED is programmable, allowing users to develop their own unique strategies and sequences. Some of the uses in our base configuration on the R35 are turn indicators, high beam indicator, check engine light, cruise indicator, burnout indicator, etc.

Our Race Version PNP kit includes a PNP wiring adaptor that allows full removal of the OE instrument cluster like the street harness, but instead of using the available inputs for street oriented things, we’ve used some of the inputs/outputs for more race oriented things, and made the additional spares gained more readily available than on our street harness.

The normal configuration comes with a PNP connector to allow removal of the ‘R switches’, as common when swapping to a carbon dash in a race car.   When doing this, the C127 is programmed to trigger both the R for Trans mode and the VDC off every time the engine starts, taking one more step out of the driver’s hands.  The dash is also setup to display the trans R mode state, so you can be sure it’s enabled for racing.

We also incorporate an input from a button on the wheel for a pneumatic release parachute lever.  From this button we apply logic in the dash programming to ensure that the button will only work to release the chute over a certain MPH, ensuring it doesn’t accidentally get dumped in the staging lanes!

If using a pneumatic launcher chute, it’s critical that the  CO2 system is ‘armed’, as the CO2 to the chutes has to be shut off each time they’re re-packed.  We recommend installing a Hobbs pressure switch on that portion of the CO2 system, then wiring to this harness as a CO2 armed input.  In doing so, we are able to flash an alarm at the driver to let them know if a run is being attempted without the CO2 switch at the chute being armed.

The PNP harness also allows for connection to the CAN bus of your ECU, if you’re using an aftermarket ECU. Our base calibration is setup around a MoteC M1 ECU, but this kit can also work with a Syvecs or a stock ecu, with configuration changes. The PNP harness also includes a composite video input, which could be used for a rear vision camera, or a slingshot cam. Optional for the kit is a black anodized CNC dash mount from Forged Performance. The mount puts the C127 in the perfect location and makes it a simple bolt in affair with the stock dash.

Installation of the complete kit is about a three hour job for a first time installer.

The complete kit includes the MoTeC C127 dash with the Input/Output option, the GT1R  PNP Wire Harness – Race Version, and a T1 base dash calibration.

There’s a ton of capability with these dashes in a race application, and plenty of inputs and outputs to make it happen.  If you have ideas about what you’d like it to do that you don’t see listed, shoot us an email and we’ll help you work it out.

We also offer the GT1R Display Creator Calibration. This calibration takes your R35 equipped with a MoTeC C127 display and Motec M1 ECU to the next level. The C127 is a powerful piece of hardware and a huge step up from the stock cluster in terms of form and function, but off the shelf doesn’t make the best use of all available information the R35 is capable of showing. The custom GT1R specific calibration takes in this information and provides you a gorgeous highly functional and informational display.

In order to use this calibration you will need to have MoTeC Display Creator unlocked already (may be purchased below). If you already own a C127 the physical unit will need to be sent in to us for flashing (or bring us your car).

For a comprehensive write-up on this file please see HERE

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