GT1R Spec Steering Wheel

The R35 GT-R is the best bang for the buck super car on the market, but there is no denying the interior is quite plain.  The factory steering wheel feels like it belongs in a Maxima and has no place in a super car like the GT-R.  We had DCT Motorsports build a wheel we felt was much more appealing and feels absolutely amazing.  Our wheel features both flat top and flat bottom sections with supple leather, red stitching, thick padding all around, and high quality alcantara fabric on the sides.

Nearly every R35 owner we have had in the shop has decided this was a must in their personal cars, and with no core required you will have minimum down time for install.





  • Car will require an alignment immediately after installation
  • Wheel comes as a bare unit without the factory air bag and trim. Parts must be transferred from stock wheel.

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3 reviews for GT1R Spec Steering Wheel

  1. Anonymous

    Do you want to enhance your GTR driving experience? Then buy this wheel! One of my favorite interior mods of all time, you simply won’t regret it.

  2. Anonymous

    After driving my ’09 GTR for 5 years fully built, I wanted something to enhance the driving experience. The car has just about everything else you could put on a GTR, but this piece really changed the look and feel like no other mod had before. Well built piece that you’ll appreciate every time you get in the driver’s seat.

  3. Anonymous

    One of the best asthetic upgrades you can do for your interior, but not only does it look good it feels great in your hands. Very well built and super easy to install.

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