T1 BPC Main Power Wire Kit | T1 01.01.10

The T1 BPC Main Power Wire Kit for the Audi R8/Lamborghini Huracan tackles one major step involved with installation. The BPC controller is mounted underneath the OEM panels behind the passenger seat, and thus getting power from the battery in the front storage compartment takes a bit of planning. Our kit addresses both the 4ga power and grounds, and cleanly installs behind OEM panels and carpet.





The power cable will run throughout the length of the cabin and terminate at a clean Radlok bulkhead in the passenger footwell on the firewall. From there, the next cable will route over the sway bar and terminates at a second Radlok bulkhead, which gets us power into the actual battery compartment. The final two power cables will run from this bulkhead to the supplied 120a circuit breaker, and then from the circuit breaker to the battery. Lastly, the short ground cable utilizes an OEM grounding location behind the carpet and panels directly behind the passenger side, completely out of sight once installed.

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