Alan R’s R35 GTR

Alan came to us in 2018 looking for a “basic” T1 1,000whp build on his 2018 GTR. There isn’t much to tip you off on the punch this car packs, other than the timeless 20″ GS1R Forgeline wheels. Don’t be fooled, this car is no slouch and makes excellent use of the four-digit power courtesy of an impressive parts list and incredibly refined Motec M150 ECU.

Engine Components

  • GT1R 3.8L Short Block
  • GT1R Head Gaskets
  • Tomei 274 Camshafts
  • GT1R Air-Oil Separator
  • GT1R CNC Engine Oil Pan

Drivetrain Components

  • Shep Trans 1K
  • PPG 1-6 Gearset
  • Custom Shep Trans Clutch
  • GT1R Transmission Brace Set

Wheels and Tires

  • 20" Forgeline GS1R Wheels

Turbo System

  • Xona Rotor Red Turbochargers
  • GT1R 2.5" Turbo Inlets

Engine Management

  • Motec M150 ECU
  • GT1R Autoshift Harness
  • GT1R 4 Bar to 5 Bar Harnesses

Fuel System

  • GT1R Complete Fuel Solution (Gauge)
  • Injector Dynamics ID2000 Injectors

T1 at MITM

T1 made its way up to St. Louis for the inaugural MITM Elite race. Take a glimpse into the T1 highlights from the weekend!

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