Billy S’s R35 GTR

Billy came to us with the idea of creating one of the fastest roll-race cars in the world… and we made his idea become reality. Even with a full interior and creature comforts, Billy’s GTR has recorded a 1.97 60-130mph and has clocked over 210+mph in the 1/4 mile from a rolling start. Quite the force to be reckoned with.


TX2k21 Roll Race Champion

1.97 60-130mph 

212mph in 1/4 mile from rolling start

Engine Components

Turbo System

  • GT1R Custom Stock Location Turbo Kit (Precision 7685 turbos)
  • Tial QRJ blow off valves *
  • Tial Wastegates
  • Custom GT1R Air to Water Intercooler
  • Custom GT1R 4.0" intakes

Fuel System


T1 at MITM

T1 made its way up to St. Louis for the inaugural MITM Elite race. Take a glimpse into the T1 highlights from the weekend!

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