Christine D’s R35 GTR

When your husband happens to own and drive one of the fastest GT-R’s on the planet, you can’t putt around town in some stock grocery-getter! Christine has only owned this car for a short period of time but managed to hop right in at TX2K18 and run a 8.55 1/4 in her first ever time driving the car!  This is one fast family and we are thrilled to have them on board with us!

TX2K19 Unlimited Class Roll Race Champion


TX2K20 Elite 8 Roll Race Runner up

Drivetrain Components


  • GT1R Drag Rear Sway Bar
  • KW Sleeve Kit
  • SPL Rear Suspension Kit

Turbo System


T1 at TX2K20

TX2K20 threw it’s fair share of curve balls at us, but we still managed to put on an impressive showing!

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