Maurice S’s R35 GTR

Maurice found himself smack dab in the middle of “right place, right time” when he approached us about building his dream car in 2018.  With our shop car recently being torn down for the tube chassis build and a few pallets of proven parts ripe for the taking, Maurice pulled the trigger on everything and we got to work!  With every single detail addressed on his car from performance to safety this is bar none the most complete car we have built to date.  With the car running a 6.93 at 209mph in it’s very first 1/4 outing it’s safe to say the sky is the limit for Maurice and this beautiful build.


6.77 @ 217mph


Turbo Kit



T1 at 2019 World Cup Finals

T1 had quite a showing with a handful of GT-R’s at the 2019 World Cup Finals, and managed to put three separate cars in the 6’s!

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