Mitch has been a long time T1 customer and has had us building cars even back in the Honda glory days. With the overall goal of an 8-second daily driver in mind he dropped off this 2014 R35 in late 2016. Mitch wanted to address any little detail that could make his car better, and the final product proves it. On its very first tracking outing the car made a total of five passes, all of which were in the 8’s! Rolling into 2018 Mitch had one goal in mind, get a stock turbo manifold car in the 7’s. At TX2K18 he made history and became only the second one of all time!




World’s Quickest Stock Manifold R35


T1 at TX2K17

Rolling into TX2K18 Mitch was fresh off his win in the Stock Manifold class at the GT-R World Cup.  Watch as he manages to enter the elite class of 7-second GT-R’s!

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