Tony Palo’s T1 R35

Tony’s personal R35 serves as the test mule for product development and is constantly pushing this platform to new levels. Making 2,000+whp in any application is an amazing feat and doing it in a street car that you can run errands in is just flat out crazy. Things are constantly changing with this car so add this page to your favorites bar and check back regularly!

235mph 1/2 Mile (2015)

6.979 @ 207.18MPH

2,590hp to the rear wheels

Drivetrain Components

Turbo Kit Components

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6.979 @ 207.18MPH

After years of chasing the infamous holy grail of GTR passes with 6.979. Tony Palo and the T1 Race Development finally dipped their toes in the proverbial pool of GTR success!

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