Tony came to us in 2012 not satisfied with the power output of his bolt-on R35. Since then he has gone through some progressively more potent setups and is currently piloting his 1,150whp 2017 GT-R.   With 1,150hp, 1,000lb/ft of torque, a brand new chassis, and a Motec ECU controlling it all it’s pretty easy to see why Tony and T1 work well together!

3.68 Second 60-130mph (old build)

8.9 @ 153mph 1/4 mile on 18″ drag radials (old build)

1,150whp (new build)

Engine Components

Fuel System

Turbo System

  • Xona Rotor Red Turbos
  • GT1R 3.0" intakes
  • GT1R Downpipes
  • ETS Race intercooler *
  • GReddy 3.75" stainless steel exhaust

T1 at TX2K16

Although a few years old, this event is still one of our favorites.  Take a ride back through memory lane and watch this TX2K16 recap!

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