Viren has been around the import scene in the Dallas area for quite some time. Like some of our other customers he too had his roots in the Honda drag racing world and has since moved into the R35 platform. It’s hard to believe that the tube chassis car you see before you started as a Series 2 bolt-on build of ours! This is one of the most ambitious projects to date for T1, but with a drag race specific drivetrain behind our proven engine, this car promises world class 1/4 times.


239mph 1/2 mile (AWD stock chassis)

7.51 @ 191mph 1/4 mile (AWD stock chassis)

2,425whp (AWD stock chassis)


Engine Components

  • GT1R Stage 7 4.3L Long Block
  • GT1R Stage 2 Race Heads *
  • GT1R Head Gaskets
  • GT1R Man Cams
  • ATI Harmonic Damper
  • GT1R Crankase Ventilation System
  • Magnus Motorsports RWD Dry Sump Conversion
  • NGK Race Plugs *
  • Wrinkle Black powdercoat option

Drivetrain Components

Turbo Kit Components

  • GT1R custom front mount turbo kit
  • TiAL V60 Wastegates
  • T1 Spec water/air intercooler
  • GT1R Custom Exhaust

Engine Management

  • Motec M1 ECU
  • Custom Race Spec Chassis Harness
  • Custom Race Spec Engine Harness

Fuel System Components

T1 at TX2K17

Take a look back at one of our favorite events in recent years. We brought a fleet of incredible cars to TX2K17 and they did not disappoint!

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