What could possibly be missing from a V10 that revs to 8,500rpm coupled to a lightning-fast gearbox all fitted in a head-turning exterior package? Well, a set of turbos of course! 600 horsepower was cool a couple decades ago, but the reality is that you aren’t going to impress too many people with that measly number today. With our entry level twin turbo package, the Series 1 addresses your stock car’s inadequacies without requiring any modifications to the engine or gearbox. As silly as it sounds, it’s quite easy to squeeze another 300hp out of your R8/Huracan and we do so with a custom fabricated turbo kit and industry standard MoTeC standalone ECU.

As with all our build packages, we want to make sure your current and future goals are met as efficiently as possible. Please call us at 214-607-9022 or email Stuart (stuart@t1racedevelopment.com) for pricing or help deciding which package best suits you.



  • 900+bhp


  • Horsepower: 900+bhp

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