Although not a radical departure from the Series 2 package, the Series 3 is nothing to scoff at considering it’s good for yet another 25% more power! The OEM clutch is the limiting factor on the Series 2 package, and the Series 3 addresses this restriction which in turn bumps power output to right at 1,200bhp. As we begin to dive into modifying the stock drivetrain, some people understandably get a bit apprehensive. Rest assured, our technicians take an extreme level of pride in their work and your car will be treated just as it did during the original assembly.

As with all our build packages, we want to make sure your current and future goals are met as efficiently as possible. Please call us at 214-607-9022 or email Stuart (stuart@t1racedevelopment.com) for pricing or help deciding which package best suits you.


  • 1,200+bhp


  • Horsepower: 1,200+bhp

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