The Series 4 package is when things start to get serious with your R35. While the Series 3 is a significant upgrade over stock turbo power levels, it does not seek to maximize all areas of performance with your new turbo upgrade. While the AMS Omega 12 turbo kit is capable of 1,100+whp, you need the rest of the components to be capable of supporting and delivering every bit of available power reliably.

The Series 4 adds our world renowned GT1R Cylinder Heads to the mix, the monstrous AMS Race X intercooler, a Shep Trans 1K Drag Pack, and a version of our GT1R Complete Fuel Solution to keep up with the fueling demands necessary at these power levels. With the power to click off mid 8-second quarter mile passes at 150+mph on the drag strip, the supporting modifications to let you truly enjoy the car at full tilt, and very little given up in terms of drivability this package is hard to beat.

As with all of our GT1R Series Builds, we want to make sure your current and future goals are met as efficiently as possible. Please call us at 214-607-9022 or email Stuart (stuart@t1racedevelopment.com) for pricing or help deciding which package best suits you.


  • 1200+bhp


  • Horsepower: 1,300+bhp
  • Fuel Types: 93 and E85

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