Alright, if you made it this far chances are you knew nothing short of complete absurdity was going to do… and we like it. Let’s cut right to the chase (although you won’t be doing much chasing with this package), the Series 5 is aimed at a very special type of customer. Someone who looked at our 1,000hp builds and thought, “Why would I possibly want something as slow as a 1,000hp racecar?”

Capable of over 2,200bhp, the Series 5 leaves little to be desired and is guaranteed to leave a permanent smile plastered across your face, and anyone brave enough to hop in with you. As you can imagine, making more than triple the factory horsepower requires us to address essentially every system on the car, but what you receive once done is nothing short of inspiring. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and have become world famous for our ability to combine performance and aesthetics in one incredible package. The Series 5 is the culmination of 15+ years of honing our craft, let us show you what sets us apart.

As with all our build packages, we want to make sure your current and future goals are met as efficiently as possible. Please call us at 214-607-9022 or email Stuart (stuart@t1racedevelopment.com) for pricing or help deciding which package best suits you.


  • 2,200+bhp


  • Horsepower: 2,200+bhp

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