Have you found yourself on the Series 7 package after feeling a bit unimpressed by the six previous packages? Well congratulations, you have a problem and we LOVE it.  Let’s cut right to the chase, this package is only intended for hardcore drag racing enthusiasts looking to take home trophies and put people on the trailer.

Increasing output by a couple hundred horsepower over the Series 6 package requires stepping up in turbo size once again, and we have the option of using either the AMS Alpha X or Extreme Turbo Systems Pro1900 kits.  A turbo setup capable of these power figures is nothing without an engine that can handle it, and this is where our GT1R Stage 6 Long Block comes into play.  This 10,000RPM 3,000hp capable engineering masterpiece has played a vital role in record setting GT-R’s all over the world. In addition to these components, a Shep Stage 5 transmission, Magnus Dry Sump oil conversion, and Injector Dynamics ID2600-XDS secondary fuel injectors are added to the equation.  Sound like a good time? It certainly does to us.

As with all of our GT1R Series Builds, we want to make sure your current and future goals are met as efficiently as possible. Please call us at 214-607-9022 or email Stuart (stuart@t1racedevelopment.com) for pricing or help deciding which package best suits you.


  • 1900+bhp


  • Horsepower: 1,900+bhp
  • Fuel Types: Race Gas

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