Stage one offers a glimpse into the 4 digit horsepower realm, producing 1200 horsepower while retaining your 3.8L displacement. Stage one ditches your oem internals in favor of Tri Beam rods, pistons and 9310 alloy wrist pins sourced from Manley. Head Gasket duty is taken over by our GT1R Proprietary set, ARP suppling the main and head studs to keep everything firmly in place.


  • 1200 Horsepower
  • 7200 RPM
  • 3.8L Displacement


  • Approx Max HP: 1200
  • Approx Max RPM: 7200
  • Displacement: 3.8L
  • Block: OE Nissan
  • Crankshaft: OE Nissan
  • Rods: Manley Tri Beam
  • Pistons: Manley
  • Wristpins: H13
  • Headgasket: GT1R
  • Main Studs: ARP
  • Cylinder Head: Stock
  • Valvesprings: Stock
  • Valves: Stock
  • Camshafts: Stock

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