Stage Two bring all the offerings of Stage one, but with increased rev range from the factory 7,200 RPM up to 8,500 RPM. Stage 2 dives a bit deeper in with some headwork required to keep your GTR revving and running smooth without stress. Valve springs replaced with Ferrea Single and Camshafts to be Spec’d to your particular application and needs.


  • 1200 Horsepower
  • 8500 RPM
  • 3.8L Displacement


  • Approx Max HP: 1200
  • Max RPM: 8500
  • Displacement: 3.8L
  • Block: OE Nissan
  • Crankshaft: OE Nissan
  • Rods: Manley Tri Beam
  • Pistons: Manley
  • Wristpins: H13
  • Headgasket: GT1R
  • Main Studs: ARP
  • Cylinder Head: Stock
  • Valvesprings: Ferrea Single
  • Valves: Stock
  • Camshafts: Spec'd to application

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