Antigravity Top Post to Side Terminal Adapters

The Antigravity Battery Side Terminal Adapters (AG-TA-SM) convert your top post battery to a side terminal battery. The Chevy Corvette C5-C6 models often had Side Mount Terminals and these adapters can be used for those models and other Cars that have Side Posts. These adapters are simple and quick to install. The Antigravity Side Terminal Adapters are compatible with 6-12-volt batteries using standardized SAE Terminal Sizes. Clearly marked with plus and negative symbols.




  • Converts a Top Post battery to accept Side Terminal Connections.
  • Most often used with Group-75/78 Batteries.
  • Often used with C5/C6 Corvettes with Side Mount Batteries.
  • Can also be used to Convert Top Post to accept Ring Terminal Connections.
  • Simple/Easy Installation.

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