GT1R Secondary Breather Kit

As is common with all heavily boosted engines, high crankcase pressures can lead to less than desirable results. Evacuating the pressure and separating the oil and air are crucial for both performance and engine safety.  Our GT1R Air/Oil Separator does a great job of separating the oil and returning it to the crankcase. In engines that see extreme levels of boost, the separator alone may not be enough simply due to the volume of air being pushed through the crankcase.  In these situations, we have designed a secondary breather to which the separator vents to, instead of back through the turbo inlets.

The GT1R Secondary Breather Kit comes with the catch can, lines to adapt your existing GT1R Air/Oil separator and a drain line for easy servicing.  The factory bumper beam is utilized in mounting this breather, and the two units will need to be welded together.  The breather works with all-year model bumpers, but does take the place of the factory foam bumper support. The drain line is run into the cavity between the front bumper and the driver-side fender well.  There are a few easy options that can be done in order to provide quick and painless access for draining.




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