Loop LT110 Ride Height Sensor with Data Cable

Loop LT110 Ride Height Sensor with Data Cable

The LT110 is a time of flight distance measurement sensor ideally suited for ride height measurement applications.  High ambient light immunity means that even measuring in direct sunlight is not an issue.  Using a standard M12 connector the LT110 can be powered with 6-36V, and provides a 0-5V output to interface with the vehicle ECU or data logger.

  • 4″ to 40″ range




  • Output is linear 0-5V to 0-39.4inches (0-100cm). At 4.8V (37.8inches) unit will clip output.
  • If unit is unable to detect a signal from out of range, or unable to detect surface, output will go to 5V.
  • If unit is unable to detect a highly reflective surface, it may be beneficial to angle the unit slightly relative to the surface, rather than perpendicular. 
  • Input signal currently not used.
  • Lens material is acrylic. Do not use acetone, brake cleaner, etc. to clean as this will damage the lens and affect sensor performance. Clean sensor lens with microfiber or other soft cloth to keep dirt and debris from affecting performance.
  • Sensor has blind zone of approximately 4”. This means that objects closer than this cannot be measured accurately. 
  • Connector pinout as shown (as viewed from top of sensor):

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