Motion Raceworks Billet C02 Activated Parachute Release Handle Kit

The ALL NEW Motion CO2 Release Handle Kit is the answer to keeping your hands on the wheel at the big end of the track.  When its is most important to pay attention to the track and things are moving fast, launch your parachute with the push of a button rather than taking your hand off and trying to find a handle mounted above/out of the way of eyesight. This kit is designed to weld or clamp on and provides a complete solution with no guess work or additional fabrication.

Available in single and dual chute configuration.




The Kit Includes:

  • Billet Release Handle
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Rollcage Clamps
  • Billet Cable Retainer Clamps
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Air Cylinder
  • Cable with necessary connection hardware
  • Air Fittings
  • Air Line
  • CO2 Solenoid
  • CO2 Solenoid weld or clamp on mounting bracket


  • Second Cable/Hardware
  • Push Button

Available in both single and dual cable styles.  When installed properly this release kit will make for simple, reliable, release of your parachute while keeping both hands firmly planted on the wheel.  Our design of this kit was made to operate under 80 psi, though it operates better the higher you go up to 120psi.  Please note that, even though this kit is supposed to be a complete kit and has been strenuously tested, refined, and appropriately changed to work under the demand of today’s chassis, care needs to be taken when installing.  The biggest thing is you need to TEST this before heading to the track.  Improper installation, hookup, or misuse may result in improper function of this part.

NOTE:  Please test operation prior to going to the racetrack. Cable needs to have loose swooping bends.  Failure to test before hand, and/or constrictive bends, can cause the handle to operate slower or incorrectly.  CO2 handle release is meant to operate at conditions of 80psi and higher.  The higher the psi the faster and better the function of this system.  Mount CO2 regulator as close as possible to air cylinder for proper function. Any length away adds delay and possible incomplete release.

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