R35 Bosch 74mm Throttle Kit

Chasing big power in the R35 platform will eventually lead to the OEM throttle bodies becoming a limitation. Many of the aftermarket options for throttle body housings are prone to their own host of problems, and finding an OEM quality solution became imperative. The 74mm Bosch throttle bodies in this kit are found in many OEM high-performance applications and have proven to be extremely robust, even at substantial boost levels, while allowing more airflow than the OEM throttles.  The bolt pattern is not the same as OEM, but a beautiful set of adapters to mate to both OEM and most aftermarket intake manifolds is included, as are Vanjen clamp style inlet adapters, Throttle Body Isolators, and PNP wire harnesses for your stock throttle body wiring.




The R35 Throttle kit comes with a pair of each of the following:

  • 74mm Bosch Throttle Body
  • Magnus Bosch 74mm to R35 TB Adapter
  • Plazmaman 74mm Bosch Inlet Adapter, Vanjen style
  • GT1R Throttle Body Adapter Harnesses
  • Throttle Body Isolators

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