Tillett B3.5


The B3.5 is a lightweight and narrow single skin car seat. The main reasons for choosing a B3.5 seat would be to fit a seat in a reduced space within the car and weight saving. The B3.5 has a narrow maximum width across the leg area of 33cm and weighs approximately 2.1kg.

This is a great option for cars where obstructions such as the gearbox, lead to a reduced space surrounding the legs. If a driver does not have this space issue but needs the reclined back position, we would recommend the dual skin high-side version that is the B4. This model may weigh slightly more at 3.9kg but it allows the driver to use base mounted car seat brackets that the B3.5 cannot.

The B3.5 must have bespoke fixing points made to connect the shell to the car, contacting the seat in specific areas. (See diagram within the images for more precise understanding)

The very reclined B3.5 is mostly used in prototype sports cars, formula cars, or race car simulators. It is extremely lightweight, and positions the driver low into the chassis, making it a perfect option to simulate a Formula car.

Available with no seat inserts, black suede inserts, or silver stitched pattern inserts.




    • The B3.5 has a unique shape that allows the leg area to be as narrow as 33 cm external width. Then the upper body area under the arms 43cm for more movement and comfort. See gallery for a precise understanding.
    • Thin, ultra-lightweight single skin shell 2.1kg (weights of seat scan vary by 10%).
    • More reclined race car position.
    • Suited to track vehicles where the driver is very low, such as prototype sports cars, formula cars, or race car simulators.
    • Available to order in two finishes (See selection).
    • Full race harness and 30° Hans compatible (5 or 6 point race harness recommended).
    • This model is not self-supporting and therefore requires fixing to hard points either on the vehicle itself, a roll bar, bulkhead, or from a specially made support frame constructed by the customer.
    • A minimum of five fixing points MUST be used, two high up on the sides, at least one behind the headrest pad and two fixings in the areas under the driver’s legs (see diagram in images).
    • Dinamica® covered Headrest panel included as standard.
    • Optional Dinamica® suede covered lower cushion and back panel set (Panel set weight is approximately 0.9kg).
    • All seat panels are customisable at an additional charge, see product page SP1 or SP2 for more information.
    • Tillett car seat brackets are NOT compatible with any single skin seats.
    • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


    • EBB5 Bracket Set

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