Tillett B4


The B4 is a reclined, twin skin, supportive yet lightweight car seat. The design is incredibly supportive, its twin skin moulding gives rigidity and strength.

The main reason for choosing a B4 seat, to lower the drivers head and shoulders in the car. At the same time the seat also has a comfortable ergonomic shape that requires no padding. The B4 comes with the added benefit of weighing only 4.9kg and can fit in the narrowest of cars by using the version with the rolled edges removed. Giving a measurement of just 40cm across the top of the legs.

Available with no seat inserts, black suede inserts, or silver diamond stitched inserts.




    • The B4 has the strength of a twin skin moulding whilst only weighing 4.9kg (Weight of seats can vary by 10%).
    • More reclined race car position, with high sides.
    • The B4-40 has cut back edges to allow the seat to fit between the gearbox tunnel and the door sill of a narrow cockpit. A 40 cm front will fit a Caterham, Westfield, and most other similar vehicles.
    • The B4-43 the rolled edge is left on, giving a more aesthetically pleasing line to the edge of the seat and making it easier to slide over if access is restricted.
    • The B4 is mostly used in prototype sports cars, or race car simulators. It is the perfect option to simulate a Formula car driving position.
    • Available to order in two finishes (See selection).
    • Full race harness and 30° Hans compatible (5 or 6 point race harness recommended).
    • Works with Tillett 8° side mount brackets, see recommendations bellow.
    • Dinamica® covered headrest panel included as standard.
    • Optional Dinamica® suede covered lower cushion and back panel set (Panel set weight is approximately 0.9kg).
    • All seat panels are customisable at an additional charge, see SP1 or SP2.
    • Gel coat colour available on this seat model at additional cost, see SP7 for this add on feature.
    • Registered Community Design (000922950-0001).
    • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


    • TP2

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