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The B8 car seat is Ideal for road and track use in performance saloon cars. The seat excels where support and weight saving are important, along with comfort and convenience for daily driving. Due to its twin moulding construction, it is rigid and strong yet remains lightweight.

The B8 has a carefully contoured shape which supports the body whilst leaving the shoulders free to steer the car unhindered. Its shape is so perfectly moulded to the body that it needs no covering, reducing the overall seat weight and lowering the driving position. The ability of the B8 to run without padding is ideal for an open topped car in a harsh environment. We do however recommend using our thin Dinamica suede covered panel sets for more regular road use.

There are two edge cuts, the B8-44.5 we call “Edges on” meaning the continuous rolled edge at the leg area of the seat remains uncut. This gives a more aesthetically pleasing line to the edge of the seat making it easier to slide in and out of the car. Therefore, if you have the space, we recommend using this model.

If you do not have the space the B8-43 is needed. We call this specification the “Edges off” option. These have the rolled edges at the leg area carefully removed to fit the seat between the gearbox tunnel and the door sill of a restricted width cockpit. This trimmed back option is required to fit the B8 in a Lotus Elise/Exige.

Available with no seat inserts, black suede inserts, or silver diamond stitched inserts.




  • 4.7/4.8 KG (weights of seats can vary by 10%).
  • Mostly used in saloon cars such as Nissan GTR or Porsche.
  • For Lotus Elise/Exige, the B8 will need to be the “Edges off” B8-43 version.
  • Swept away hip area allows for either a standard 3-point seat belt or racing harness (5 or 6 point is recommended).
  • 20° Hans device compatible.
  • Body mirroring shape.
  • Rigid twin moulding construction adds to the safety and gives the driver unhindered support, and superb feedback.
  • Tillett seats have superior strength, vital should the vehicle become involved in a collision.
  • Two edge cut options for reducing external widths across the leg area, “edges on” 44.5cm or “edges off” at 43cm. See images for visual understanding.
  • The B8 has side mounted fixing positions using our high strength FIA specification fittings.
  • Manufactured using Tillett Racing Seats specialist in house moulding system to create strength and accuracy along with astonishing light weight construction.
  • Does not require padding making it a great option for ultimate feedback from the car, essential for a competition seat and ideal if the car interior is open to the elements.
  • Uncovered as standard (see additional covered panel option if required below) A panel set will add approximately 1kg.
  • All seat panels are customizable at an additional charge, see product page SP1 or SP2 for more information.
  • Gel coat colour available on this seat model at additional cost, see SP7 for this add on feature.
  • Dinamica® covered headrest panel included as standard.
  • All Tillett car seats are premium quality products designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


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