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The low back W1i Tillett car seat is internally the same shape as our standard B6 but without the headrest. This light and compact seat can accommodate a driver up to approximately 100 kg with a 36 inch jeans waist size. There is a choice of a carbon or black GRP front finish and two specifications of edge cut in the leg support area.

The W1i-40 version has a trimmed edge to allow fitment between the gearbox tunnel and the door sill of narrow vehicles, such as a Lotus 7 replica. We call this the “edges off” model.

The W1i-44 has the rolled edge left on “edges on” to give a more aesthetically pleasing look to the edge of the seat and is advised if you have the room.

The W1i is also available as a single skin shell, or with a floor mountable backframe. The backframe consists of a second composite moulding bonded to the front skin, making the W1i a fully self-supporting rigid structure. Its four M8 embedded fittings can be in the bottom or the side of the backframe.

“Bottom mounts” allow it to mount directly to the floor using a spacer, or on top of the Tillett seat adjustment runners using the TK5 fitting kit.

With the side mount option, it is possible to use the same 2° race brackets as used by the FIA B6 and B7 seats. The weight of a W1i with the backframe is 3.5 kg and 1.9 kg without.

Low back W models are most suitable when a headrest is not practical, maybe for an application where there is already a headrest support in existence. The W1i shape is often suited to Formula Student university projects.

Available with no seat inserts, black suede inserts, or silver diamond stitched inserts.




  • The low back W1i Tillett car seat is internally the same shape as the standard B6 but without the headrest.
  • Carefully sculpted and designed to be the most compact of all race car seats, lowering the driving position and placing the seat where other seats simply will not fit. A great option for a performance car that has a very low roof.
  • Body mirroring shape gives the driver full support, unhindered steering control and maintains ultimate comfort over long periods of time.
  • The seat can accommodate a driver up to approximately 100kg with a 36 inch jeans waist size.
  • Available to order with a backframe for extra support and fixing options. With this recommended additional feature, you can have a side mount (SM) or base mount(BM) version of the seat. Weight increases to approximately 3.6kg when the backframe is included. See product options.
  • Two edge cut options for reducing external widths across the leg area, “edges on” 44cm or “edges off” at 40cm. See images for visual understanding.
  • Two finishes available, gloss carbon/GRP & GRP.
  • Manufactured at the Tillett factory using their specialist moulding system, creating strength and accuracy.
  • Does not require padding, allowing ultimate feedback from the car, essential for a competition seat. Additionally, zero water absorption from any foam covering, makes the seat extremely practical for an open top race car.
  • Additional covered panel options available if required. Panel set will add approximately 1kg.
  • All seat panels are customisable, contact the office directly for further information and prices.
  • All Tillett car seats are premium quality products designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


  • TB FIAO2 Brackets
  • STBI Bracket Set

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