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The W2i is a wider XL version of the W1i. The internal shape is like the B6 XL but without the headrest. It can be ordered as a single skin shell, or with a floor mountable backframe bonded to the front skin. This means the seat is then able to rigidly self-support itself from the floor using the integrated M8 fittings. The W2i “with backframe” seat is only available with base mounts. There is no side mount option, and it cannot use Tillett brackets. It is available with either a Carbon/GRP or black gloss GRP finish.

The weight of the W2i without the backframe is 2kg. The weight with a backframe is 3.6 kg. Low profile moulded seat belt harness holes are included as standard. The W2i can be ordered with the option of a two-panel set of Dinamica® suede covered pads which will add approximately 1kg.

The captive bottom mounting points allow it to be fixed directly to the floor using a spacer or put onto the STRi or PTRi Tillett seat adjustment runners using the TK5 fitting kit.

Available with no seat inserts, black suede inserts, or silver diamond stitched inserts.




  • The low back W model seats are most suitable for vehicles where a headrest is not practical.
  • The low back W2i Tillett car seat is internally the same shape as the standard B6XL but without the headrest.
  • Carefully sculpted and designed to lower the driving position and give optimal comfort. A great option for a performance car that has a very low roof.
  • Body mirroring shape gives the driver full support, unhindered steering control and maintains ultimate comfort over long periods of time.
  • Weight can vary depending on the backframe option chosen. The W2i is approximately 2kg without the backframe and approximately 3.6kg with the backframe. (Weight of seats can vary by 10%)
  • W2i is the 15mm wider option to the W1i, making it a great option for those drivers over 100kg and larger than a 36 inch jeans waist size.
  • 45.5cmat the widest point.
  • The W2i comes as a single skin shell for tight installs, or with a floor mountable backframe for when there is space. When possible, we recommended this option, as then you can mount the seat directly to the floor using only spacers such as the Tillett Tk5 kit.
  • Two finishes available, carbon/GRP & gloss black GRP.
  • Manufactured at the Tillett factory using their specialist moulding system, creating strength and accuracy.
  • Requires no padding, allowing ultimate feedback from the car, essential for a competition seat. Additionally, zero water absorption from any foam covering, makes the seat extremely practical for an open top race car.
  • Additional Black Dinamica suede covered panel option available. Seat panel covers are also customisable, contact the office directly for further information and prices. A panel set will add approximately 1kg.
  • All Tillett car seats are premium quality products designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


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