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The W4 has been designed predominately for those drivers wishing to lay down at a formula car driving angle. This wider XL version of the W3 is most suited to a people over 100kg. The W4 measures 46.5cm at the external widest point of its outer rolled edge.

Low profile seatbelt harness holes are included, enabling use of a five or six point harness. A crotch strap is strongly recommended with any reclined seat.

The low back W models are most suitable when a headrest is not practical, maybe for an application where there is already a headrest support in existence.

The weight of a W4 with the backframe is approximately 3.6kg and 2kg without.

The W4 has a gloss black GRP front surface with the additional option of a two-panel set of Dinamica® suede covered pads.

The W4 is available as a single skin shell, or with a floor mountable backframe. The backframe consists of a second composite moulding bonded to the front skin, making the W4 a fully self-supporting rigid structure. Its four captive M8 fittings are in the base of the seat as standard, or to special order, they can be provided with side mounts, allowing the use of the Tillett 2° bracket sets.

Available with no seat inserts, black suede inserts, or silver diamond stitched inserts.




  • The W4 is the most reclined Tillett seat, with an internal width that suits the larger driver. The W4 is 25mm wider than the almost identical W3, making it a great option for those drivers over 100kg and with a jeans waist size larger than 36 inches.
  • Body mirroring shape gives the driver full support, unhindered steering control and maintains ultimate comfort over long periods of time.
  • No headrest on the W model Tillett seats
  • The W4 weighs approximately 2kg without the backframe and 3.6kg with the backframe.(Weight of seats can vary by 10%)
  • Low profile moulded seat belt harness holes are included, enabling 5 or 6 point race harness to be used.
  • Custom brackets will need to be made by the customer to fit the single skin model, as this specification does not have integrated fittings.
  • Available to order with a bonded composite backframe. With this recommended additional feature, you can fix the seat directly to the floor via embedded fixing points in the base (BM) of the seat. Or, as an option you can order the side mount version (SM).
  • One finish available to order, black gloss GRP front
  • Does not require padding, allowing ultimate feedback from the car, essential for a competition seat. Additionally, there is zero water absorption due to the lack of any foam covering, making the seat extremely practical for an open top race car.
  • Additional covered panel options are available if required. A suede panel set will add approximately 1kg.
  • All seat panels are customisable, contact the office directly for further information and prices.
  • All Tillett car seats are premium quality products designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


  • STBI Bracket Set

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