Tillett W6


The W6 is a semi reclined version of the W1i shape. This is suited for low sports prototype race vehicles and race simulators.

This wider XL version of the W5 is most suited to a people over 100kg. The W6 measures 47cm at the external widest point of its outer rolled edge.

The seat is available in a gloss black GRP finish. Moulded low profile seat belt harness holes are included. The W6 seat is a single composite skin and will need brackets made to fit to the various vehicles. No backframe option exists for this shape. Single skin only.

Low back W models are most suitable when a headrest is not practical, maybe for an application where there is already a headrest support in existence.

Available with no seat inserts, black suede inserts, or silver diamond stitched inserts.




  • The W6 has a semi-reclined driving position is between the W2 model and the ultra-laid back W4.
  • No headrest on any W model Tillett seats
  • Most suited to low sports prototype race cars, or racing simulators
  • Internal width suits a larger driver. The W6 is 30mm wider than the almost identical W5, making it a great option for those drivers over 100 kg and with a jeans waist size larger than 36 inches.
  • No backframe options are available with the W6 car seat. Single skin shell only.
  • Low profile moulded seat belt harness holes included, enabling a five or six point race harness, which is strongly advised with a reclined seat.
  • The W6 weight is approximately 2kg (Weight of seats can vary by 10%)
  • Body mirroring shape gives the driver full support, unhindered steering control and maintains ultimate comfort over long periods of time.
  • Custom brackets will need to be made by the customer to fit the W6, as this seat is a single skin composite shell without integrated fittings.
  • Available in gloss black GRP.
  • Does not require padding, allowing ultimate feedback from the car, essential for a competition seat. Additionally, there is zero water absorption due to the seat not requiring any foam covering, making the seat extremely practical for an open top race car.
  • Additional covered panel options available if required. A panel set will add approximately 1kg.
  • All seat panels are customisable, contact the office directly for further information and prices.
  • All Tillett car seats are premium quality products designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


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