458Destroyer’s Nismo GT-R



Engine Components

  • GT1R Stage 5 4.1L Long Block
  • GT1R Race Stage 1 Cylinder Heads with Ferrea Valvetrain
  • GT1R Spec Camshafts
  • GT1R Air/Oil Separator Kit
  • GT1R Secondary Catch Can
  • Illusion Cherry Red Powdercoat

Drivetrain Components

  • ShepTrans Stage 4
  • Wavetrac Rear Differential
  • Dodson GR6 Synchro Set
  • Billet Rear Differential Side Cover
  • ShepTrans Billet Front Diff Housing
  • GT1R Transmission Braces

Turbo System

  • AMS Alpha 18X Turbo Kit
  • Till QRJ Blow Off Valves
  • AMS Race X Intercooler
  • Custom Fabricated Intercooler piping with boost braces

Fuel System

  • GT1R 12-Injector Complete Fuel Solution with PTS
  • Boost logic 12-Injector Intake Manifold
  • ID FPS1100 Fuel Pump System
  • Injector Dynamics ID1300-XDS Primary Injectors
  • Injector Dynamics ID1700-XDS Secondary Injectors

Engine Management

  • Motec M150 ECU with Level 3 Logging
  • GT1R MoTec C1212 Dash Kit
  • GT1R Secondary Injection Harness
  • GT1R M1 AWD PNP Harness
  • T1 5-bar map sensors and harnesses
  • T1 Fast Air Temp Sensor
  • GT1R 3-Port Boost Solenoid Kit


  • KW 09+ R35 GTR Sleeve Coilover kit
  • Powdercoated Calipers in Illusion Cherry Red Gloss



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