Amie P’s R8

7.51 @ 201mph – R8 1/4 Mile World RecordĀ 

2,046whp – 1,208tq

Turbo System

  • Custom T1 Turbo Kit with Garrett Turbos
  • T1 Air/Water Intercoolers with Garrett cores
  • T1 Exhaust x pipe
  • Alpha Motorsports Grade Black Heat Exchangers
  • T1 Water Tank
  • Till Blow Off Valves and Wastegates

Engine Components

  • T1-Spec Built V10 Long Block

Drivetrain Components

  • Dodson ProMax Clutch Upgrade
  • Dodson billet clutch cover and drive
  • Dodson Billet A and B Clutch Baskets
  • Dodson 1-7 Gear Upgrade
  • Dodson Half-shaft inner stub upgrade



T1 Race Brings the Heat to MITM Texas

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