Amie P’s R8

The shop R8 has gone through quite a few changes over the past few years while developing our build packages for the R8/Huracan Platform. Amie has piloted this rocket ship to a blistering 7.43 @ 200mph. With an upgraded turbo kit, Billet Intake Manifold, and fuel system, this is our most powerful R8 build to date and we will continue to push the envelop for product development for our future customer builds.

7.43 @ 200mph – PB

2,409whp – 1,393tq

Fuel System

  • T1/DSX V10 Billet Intake Manifold - 20 Port Injectors
  • T1 CFS Kit with ID BPC-1100 - For T1 Billet Intake Manifold
  • ID1050-XDS Injectors
  • ID2600-XDS Injectors
  • Plug and Play Injector Harness

Turbo System

  • Custom T1 Turbo Kit with Garrett Turbos
  • T1 Air/Water Intercoolers with Garrett cores
  • T1 Exhaust x pipe
  • Alpha Motorsports Grade Black Heat Exchangers
  • T1 Water Tank
  • Till Blow Off Valves and Wastegates

Engine Components

  • T1-Spec Built V10 Long Block

Drivetrain Components

  • Dodson ProMax Clutch Upgrade
  • Dodson billet clutch cover and drive
  • Dodson Billet A and B Clutch Baskets
  • Dodson 1-7 Gear Upgrade
  • Dodson Half-shaft inner stub upgrade


  • Belak Huracan/R8 18"/17" Drag Pack
  • Iroz Motorsport Parking Brake Kit
  • Iroz Motorsport Line Lock kit


T1 Race Brings the Heat to MITM Texas

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