Garage 5’s R35 Nismo

From the outside it appears as if it were bone stock, but under the hood is a different story. This Series 7 comes with our Stage 5 long block, MoTeC M150 and all of our accessory harnesses, Shep Stage 5 transmission, Injector Dynamics primary and secondary injectors, Injector Dynamics BPC fuel pump system, Magnus Dry sump, an ETS PRO1900 Series Turbo Kit, and a custom nitrous system.

When all said and done, this car is producing well over 1,800whp with a little spray! Not to mention it still has all of it’s creature comforts and will be able do a high 2-second 60-130 and crank off a 7-second pass!

Engine Components

  • GT1R 4.1L R35 short block *
  • GT1R Race Stage 1 Cylinder Heads
  • GT1R Spec Camshafts
  • GT1R Air/Oil Separator Kit
  • Magnus Dry Sump Kit
  • Wrinkle Black Powdercoat

Drivetrain Components

  • She Trans Stage 5
  • Dodson Extreme 1-6 gearset
  • Custom Shep/Dodson ProMax Clutch
  • GT1R Differential Brace
  • Driveshaft Shop Pro Level rear axle kit


Turbo System

  • ETS R35 GTR Twin Turbo Kit
  • Tial Q Blow-off Valves
  • Tial 38mm Wastegates
  • ETS Fridge Intercooler Kit

Fuel System

  • GT1R Complete Fuel Solution
  • Injector Dynamics BPC-1100 brushless fuel pump
  • Injector Dynamics ID1700-XDS Primary Content
  • Injector Dynamics ID2600-XDS Secondary Injectors

Engine Management

  • MoTeC M1 ECU
  • GT1R Secondary Injection Harness
  • GT1R M1 AWD PNP Harness
  • GT1R 4 Bar to 5 Bar Harness
  • T1 Fast Air Temp Sensor
  • T1 GTR Boost Control Solenoid
  • GT1R MoTeC C1212 Dash Kit

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