Project Vanguard

While racing R35 GT-R’s is still a passion of ours, we have had an urge to build a purpose built drag car utilizing a GT1R-spec VR38 for some time. After our 2018 racing season was over we tore the shop car down to bare bones and decided this would be our canvas for the drag car of our dreams. Although it’s very early in the new car’s stages the chassis work done by Brink Racecraft is complete, and absolutely stunning. We plan to use a billet block based VR38, 7-speed air-shifted Liberty transmission, custom Motec ECU, and a myriad of other world-class parts to push this car to unheard of territory. We invite you to follow this build and go on this journey with us!

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George captures GTR World Record at 2021 World Cup Finals!

George Dodworth, owner, and pilot of NightFury captured the R35 GTR World Record during the 2021 World Cup Finals in Maryland with a blistering 6.51 @230mph pass!

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