Ricky’s Huracan STO

This car is set up a little different from our normal V10 builds, as the only straights we are concerned with are the ones connecting corners!
Although the car is fully capable of supporting +1,200whp, we wanted to make sure we had everything setup to deliver a wide range of power levels, given its intended use. With the torque based strategy in the Motec ECU we are able to have great control over total output. Ricky now has the ability to go out at just under stock power level, all the way up to full power, which will be very neat for varying tracks and conditions. In addition to the different power maps, we have implemented a separate traction control system to which Ricky can fully control how loose he wants the car to be, all adjustable through a Motec keypad.

Stock engine: 1250whp

COTA Lap time: 2:25.54


Engine Management

  • MoTeC M142 ECU x2
  • T1 TMAP and MAP Sensor Kit
  • T1 3-Port Boost Solenoid Kit

Fuel System

  • T1 Complete Fuel Solution Kit with ID FPS1100
  • ID1050-XDS Injectors
  • Ethanol Fuel System Conversion
  • Plug and Play Injector Harness

Turbo System

  • T1 Race Development V10 Turbo Kit with T1-spec Xona Rotor Turbos
  • T1 Air/Water Intercoolers with Garrett cores
  • T1 3.5" Titanium Exhaust
  • T1 STO Front Mount Ice Box
  • Turbosmart BOV's and Wastegates
  • T1-Spec Heat Exchangers

Drivetrain Components

  • Dodson Pro Max Clutch Upgrade 9/9
  • T1 Autoshift Harness


  • GiroDisc Huracan STO Front and Rear Iron Rotor Conversion
  • Novitec Spring Kit
  • Forgeline NW105 Centerlock Wheels (20x12 Rear, 19x9 Front)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires

Safety Components

  • Boost Logic bolt-in Roll Bar
  • Lifeline Zero 360 Fire suppression system
  • Schroth 4-point Harnesses

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