DSS GTR Pro-Level Rear XT Axle – V4

Nissan R35 GTR 115mm CV Pro-Level Rear Axle / 33 Spline Hub Kit with 2-Piece 300M Differential and Outer CV Stubs. V4.





For several years now The Driveshaft Shop has been synonymous with the worlds fastest GTR’s and our axles have broken the 8’s, then it was the 7’s, and into the 6’s… As most of you have come to know, we are always striving to bring the best quality drivetrain parts, constantly innovating and improving our products to keep up with the needs of our customers. Being that nowadays certain people consider a 2000HP+ 7-second GTR a “street car”, it was time to go a bit bigger.

The most notable change is that we’ve increased the CV size from the 108mm to the 115mm CV that we have been using for some time now in our Pro-Level Mustang and Camaro applications, with full chromoly internals (which are significantly larger than the previous 108mm internals) that have increased the shock resistance exponentially. As in the previous version NI69/NI79 axles, these will use our 30 spline 300M bars and all new bolt-on inner and outer stub flanges with 300M spline pieces to fit the differential (stock or Wavetrac). The kit will come with a set of direct-fit 33 spline wheel hubs to accommodate the larger hub spline as well.


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