Fore Innovations R35 Level 4 Triple Pump System

1600+ whp, comprehensive fuel system follows legacy routing by splitting the feed fuel evenly into the back of each rail, then connecting the front of the rails to our F2i ceramic/stainless adjustable boost referenced fuel pressure regulator. All premium high end components ensure stable and reliable fuel delivery to your injectors. E85 compatible with appropriate fuel pumps and stainless filtration element.


  • GTR-R35 Fuel Pump Module (triple pump)
  • GTR-R35 Fuel Rails
  • F2i fuel pressure regulator
  • 88mm Inline Fuel Filter
  • Compact billet y-block
  • FCV Checkvalve
  • All fittings, hose, and hardware necessary to complete a typical installation
  • -30 feet of fuel line (you choice of Startlite or PTFE)
  • Qty 14, billet compression style hose ends)
  • Qty 6, billet straight AN to o-ring fittings
  • Qty 8, billet low profile 90 degree AN to o-ring fittings
  • Qty 1, billet low profile 180 degree AN to o-ring fittings
  • Qty 2, billet fuel rail extensions
  • Qty 10, 10 hose straps with self drilling stainless mounting screws
***Please call for options and pricing***





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