GT1R 4.3L Long Block

The GT1R Stage 7 Long Block is the end all be all when it comes to VR38 engine builds.  The obvious difference from our other offerings is the additional displacement which is achieved by the use of an AMS Performance Pro Series Billet Block. The OEM Nissan block is a phenomenal piece of engineering, but has proven to be less reliable with the factory cylinder liners removed and replaced with aftermarket sleeves which is required for additional bore.  With the increased strength and rigidity found in using the billet block we are able to increase the total displacement to over 4.3L reliably.  As is the case with our Stage 6 long blocks, the short block is mated to our Stage 2 Race Heads using out industry leading head gasket system.  This engine package isn’t for your ordinary R35 build, but is a crucial part of nearly all of the fastest R35’s in the world.




We offer a powdercoating option for all GT1R Long Blocks.  It includes valve covers, all front timing covers, upper and lower intake manifold.  Includes shipping costs and prep time before and after coating. Although we typically do our engines wrinkle black, we offer a wide range of colors.

*A good working core is required. We do have options if you are not able to supply one. Please contact our sales staff for details.

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