GT1R R35 Flywheel Bolts

GT1R/Titan Motorsports R35 ARP Flywheel Bolt Kit

Leading the path to big horsepower from the VR38, we’ve found many parts aren’t up to the task of reliably delivering performance beyond Nissan’s original spec.  We’ve seen multiple cases now of fretting of the flywheel to the crank, typically just found on a disassembly, but sometimes being the cause of a disassembly.  This requires replacement of the crank and/or flywheel in most situations.  Goes without saying, this is a very expensive repair.

A joint venture between T1 Race Development, Titan Motorsports, and ARP resulted in a custom designed and manufactured fastener to better cope with the higher torque of a modified VR38 engine.

The new fasteners are produced in ARP’s 2000 material with a black oxide finish, and require a 12 point ½” socket for assembly.  The ARP 2000 material has a much higher tensile strength than the stock bolts, 220,000 psi vs 140,000 psi.   The increase in tensile strength allows us to safely apply more torque and keep things from moving around.

Our torque spec has increased to 140ft/lbs and we recommend blue Loctite for added insurance.  It’s important that the Loctite only gets on the threads of the bolt, and not between the flywheel and crank, or bolt head and flywheel.

In the below picture you can see a stock flywheel bolt compared to the ARP bolts for size reference.

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