The OEM cast aluminum bellhousing present in all R35 GT-R’s is a known weak point, and one that Nissan has released multiple iterations of to date.  MAD Sweden engineered this multi-piece billet aluminum replacement which is a much  more durable product than the OEM housing will ever be.  In addition to the greatly increased strength of the part, clearance for both working on the backside of the engine and routing large exhaust systems has been greatly improved by the MAD Sweden design.

The bellhousing comes with new bearings, but no input shaft or spring plate. T1 stocks the ETS 300M input shaft which is also much stronger than stock, and the optional upgrade below includes both the shaft and labor to install.

If you have not already upgrade to a stronger spring plate, now is the perfect opportunity. We stock and have been using the ETS spring plate for years in everything from 1,200-3,500whp applications, and it’s now standard in nearly all of our builds. This spring plate does require balancing with your flywheel/trigger wheel assembly before use.

(Price includes inbound shipping from Sweden)




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