Rampage Fabrication R35 GT-R Rollbar

Our bolt-in roll bar is designed to fit as tightly as possible to the cabin while being minimally intrusive to your OEM panels and carpet. Starting with the mounting points for the main hoop, we use 3/16″ thick plate to fabricate a bracket that bolts to the factory B-pillar brace and is bolted in with four bolts per side, no drilling into your car! The main hoop sits in just the right place to only require one small cut into the corner of the carpet and allows full use of the seat sliders without interfering with OEM seats or seat belts.

4 individual components comprise this bar:  the 2 front brackets for the main hoop, the main hoop itself, the rear down tubes, and X Brace. These parts are joined using billet Chromoly interlocks that engage in a way that is stronger than the 1 5/8″ x .083″ Chromoly tubing when stressed from any direction. These interlocks make installation and assembly a breeze as well!

Texture Black and Red are the two standard coating options we offer, but a wide variety of finishes and coatings are available by request! Contact us for custom options.

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